• Waiting on pins and needles, going crazy figuring out how to dress for the interview or how to wear your hair…

    Intimidated by body language and unexpected questions during the in-person interrogation, that makes your stomach flip…

    When I applied for a job as a Marketing Manager for an IT academy I was invited for an interview,

    One of the six people interviewing me started to pick on me for using the word “dazzled” in my cover letter.

    It was totally on brand,
    But this engineer didn’t dig that flavor or my bubbly nature, regardless of skill.

    Right then I knew it wasn’t a fit.

    Needless to say,
    I went from having dreams of working for a small IT academy to writing for Thrive Global, working for millionaires across the globe on how to amplify their personal brand and thought influence.

    A lot has changed over the years.
    And I still use the word “dazzled” wherever possible 😉

    Never dull your flavors to fit into someone else’s recipe, especially when seeking a fit in your career.

    If you’re looking for ways to build a culture that attracts and retains top talent, read my love story…

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  • FUN FACT! We ALL know that sleep is important… but did you know that your brain literally CLEANS itself every time you sleep?!

    In non-REM sleep, the human brain experiences a measurable electronic surge followed by a wave of cerebrospinal fluid every 20 seconds.

    This fluid is literally washing your brain!

    Sleep is essential for both cognition and maintenance of healthy brain function.

    Quality of sleep or sleep deprivation can predict the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Are you getting enough sleep?

    Organize your schedule to accommodate eight hours of zzz’s to prevent disease.

    #Neuroscience #Health #LifeWithMS Check out the LinkedIn post here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/chantelsoumis_neuroscience-health-lifewithms-activity-6602252332791136256-VHME

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    That is great! This is why I can\’t have #TikTok on my phone.

  • You know how hard it is to do 10 things at once?
    Well if you’re a mom, that’s a typical moment.

    Especially a mom working from home with a virtual learner.

    Micromanaging little ones to stay safe, healthy and happy while muting yourself on work calls to urge your kiddo to get back to that math assignment are pieces of the chaos us ambitious mamas are used to.

    “What are you doing on the roof?!”
    “Where did you get that juice?
    We don’t have juice!”

    “Don’t forget about your call at 1145, 1230, 130 and 2 today!”

    So cheers to ALL mamas that continue to do it all with a smile on zoom, PJ pants, slippers and lots of caffeine on stand-by.

    Birth moms, adoption moms, step moms, grieving moms, expecting moms and dreaming moms…

    Keep up the great work and enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend 🧡

    What is your favorite part of being a working mom?
    Mine? All the extra precious moments I get to have!

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  • Super jazzed to have my article picked up by Thrive Global! If you have a connection going through a difficult time, I hope you can support them with these seven tips…

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    Thank you, Mike!

    • I’m so excited to shift my career from working specifically with personal branding clients to focusing more on public speaking! Let me know if you’re looking for an energetic keynote speaker!