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    Hi all! I just wanted to jump in here and finally introduce myself. You may have seen a few of my posts in regards to gut health since I registered. Let me take a moment to share a little more before I “spam” you with more health info. First, I have known Mike since high school. Thanks Mike for getting me on #SPN and your fabulous work here. I have been in health care for a few years now. I was an ER nurse for a while and then went back to school. I am now a Family Nurse Practitioner in an urgent care setting. Which I enjoy on most days. I love helping people feel better when they’re not feeling themselves. Whether they’re sick, injured or just need to talk so someone, I enjoy helping you. I wish I could do more in this setting, but do to corporate policies, I can only do so much within their rules. So I’ve always tried to give people extra resources within those guidelines.

    Now – rewind to September 2018. I was on the amazing island of #Maui at a health conference. A few days into the conference I started seeing these stickers ALL over the resort (see attachment). #Plexus took over the Grand Wailea. Took it over. I had never heard of Plexus or the #pinkdrink before this. I always used other products for energy and health supplements. One of my final days there I was sitting by the pool just relaxing. Taking a minute to enjoy my quiet time before getting my daughter from the kids camp. Sitting next to me was a nice gentleman and he asked where I was from and if I was there for Plexus. I told him why I was there and I asked what it was. He told me all about his wife’s journey with Plexus and her health struggle before she decided to finally try it. She finally made it down to the pool and he introduced me to her. We chatted for a few minutes and she asked if I was interested. I told her no, because I had my stuff that I was already committed too. I did tell her I’d love to learn more and we got each other’s info.

    Fast forward to end of March-early April this year. So, months of me following her on IG and FB. Seeing all this stuff about gut health, the products, testimonies from people about their health challenges and their results from using these products. I was impressed. So I saw a post she made about the company and I was just about sold, but it made me make a decision to at least give these products a chance. So I stopped all my other products and signed up to use these. My older daughter and I have now been using these products for almost 2 full months now and I’m a believer. These products can change lives. So here I am sharing my story and sharing these products with anyone that may need some help with something in their lives. Whether it’s energy, weight, mood, sleep, bowel issues… the list goes on. So please reach out to me if you have questions or know anyone that may benefit from gut health. I want to help you.

    Sorry it’s so long! Thanks for reading ☺

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