• If you post a YouTube video in the feed. @craigwasilchak and I will play it all the way through. If it’s good we will like and leave a comment too! ;)

    @justincpearson @juanblanco76 @loladell @tedladzinski @irabowman @samhurley @tsharrell @andradaanitei @laurakiley @fay1989 @amandarominger @rowand @trybean and everyone else.

    Simple fact: we can’t help you, if you don’t let us know by posting it here. We all want to win. The more you help us win by sharing things here and engaging the more we can help you. :)

    Lets all really make some massive strides this yea. #StrongerTogether @samhurley @andyschulkind @chicagoyoga @catchingbeauty @amazonrise @kevinlange @wkevinward @jbmelton @andyschulkind

    You’re all important. To SPN. To Me. To Each Other. This is the SPN family team. You all agreed to follow the Golden Rule and to drop the rope for each other. We all have a piece of rope and will climb only so high on our own. We will all climb higher by linking our ropes.

    Use me and my website for what it is. The best dam marketing pod and FREE service on the internet.

    We are not trying to take away from any platform. We know it almost feels like cheating or too good to be true, but you all have seen what I do when I focus. I am a networker. You are all networkers. Together, we are the best f*cking networkers online today. There is no doubt in my mind or my heart.

    I have faith in my team. Pretty soon our team will be much bigger and better. It grows with each new team member. We may be acquaintances. #socialmediabuddies, strangers, lovers, or whatever, but soon we will all definitely feel like family.

    You’re all here for the same reason that I made this site. Faith. We all plenty of reasons to feel isolated, hopeless, and behind the eight ball with our backs against the wall, but not anymore. Now, we have a team. A true team like some of us have never known. We have people that have hearts the size of Texas and brains the size of England. We are unstoppable. Thank you for having faith in me and SPN! We are here for you 24-7 every day of the year!

      • Bet! I got faith in you, bro! You’ve always been smart and the hardest worker that I know. I am impressed with what I see. I wish I had more time for LinkedIn and social media, but it’s clear to see what you’re doing here. It’s nothing short of amazing already.

    • @catchingbeauty Thanks for connecting, Rachael!

    • @catchingbeauty Hi Rachael! Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to following you.

    • @catchingbeauty Hi Rachael
      Wishing you a very Happy birthday
      Thanks for the add 🙏
      Have a great day

    • @catchingbeauty Hi Rachael. Welcome. How are you doing?

    • @catchingbeauty Happy Birthday. I am an October baby too. I hope you had a great day.

    • @catchingbeauty Thank you for reaching out Rachael. #GodGotThis and yes… I try to catch beauty everyday I’m alive. #BeautyInAshes

    • @catchingbeauty Hi Rachael

      Great to be connected with you.

      How may I be of any help to you or any of your friend in improving business by using online or offline ideas? Or may be going for a Free Week of Google Campaigns by increasing ROI, getting more potential clients directly to your website to grow sales of your great website Rachael-gphotography.com?



    • @catchingbeauty I was just sending you a request the same time I received yours!!!

      • Nice! Great to meet you, Dawn! I’ll follow you back on Instagram and I plan on making a Linkedin account here soon. Everyone seems to think that would be a good idea. :)

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