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So. Florida

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I have spent my entire adult life, since right after college, in insurance….first, as a broker, and now,  for more than half my career, helping folks get disability-related claims paid. Disability Insurance, Long or Short Term benefits, Social Security, Long Term Care/Nursing & Home Health,  Life Insurance, Health Insurance….if there is a component related to obtaining or preserving benefits for you and your dependents, I’m who you want to speak with! If I cannot help you, I know who can.

I have been R26 qualified for both sides of litigation involving life, health, disability insurance matters as well as good/bad faith in numerous venues. At this point, my preference is to remain a non-qualifying expert. 

About 20 years ago,   I became certified by the Supreme Court of Florida to mediate; I reached Diplomate level while handling court-appointed cases.  I especially enjoy seeing parties new to mediation and litigation, often put off by confrontation, gain their power in understanding their role in the process. 

I have held public office, chaired a Zoning “Charette,”  heard code violations as a Hearing Officer, and served on many local and national commissions and boards. My all-time favorite job, however, has been Mom. 

You want something personal? My dad took ill when I was about 6. My brothers were about 2 and 4. My dad was a Vet; he fought every day for his life, his health, his family. He passed when I was 14. Although my father was an insurance agent, he did not leave us well set. How I ended up in insurance, after a general agent really tried to recruit me, is a fun story because this was the ONLY industry I had no interest in. <3

My CV is flashy…I earned the flash but am really down to earth.  Go to Linked In or ask for a copy. Here, I’d just like to be me, see who I can connect with.

Thank you for the invite. I generally play well with others and look forward to enjoying this space with you!