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Carrie Castillo



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I am an entrepreneur, I own a business in holistic and psychic healing. As an empathe and clairvoyant myself I believe all forms of spiritual energy are necessary for complete self preservation, and it works along with Western medicine. My vendor fairs bring in all forms of healers from around the country to aide you through your journey.

I also sell with Monat Global, the only naturally based, anti aging hair care line that’s clinically proven to regrow hair. Helping people from all walks of life experience their healthiest hair and highest confidence with close to the source, naturally-based revolutionary products– As well as giving an opportunity to join me in doing the same.

I bring an extensive operations and training background from the Army, working for a school bus company, as well as years of working in in the food and beverage industry. If you throw me a topic that needs to be taught to the newcomers, I got you covered.