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Walker boots are used for the treatment for anklefractures and other lower extremity injuries can involve the use ofSpecial Braces. The cam boot design is a lower extremity boot thatprovides support, protection and immobilization of the ankle afterinjury or surgery. If you have a prescription for a Cam walker brace,you should have a clear understanding of the type and extent of yourproblem. These medical devices have been widely used for treatment ofsprains, fractures, diabetic ulcers and achilles tendoninjuries/surgeries. The “CAM” in CAM Walker Boot stands for“Controlled Ankle Movement” and CAM Walker boots are foot braces thatallow you to walk even with the most intensive injuries. The theorybehind the walker boots is to allow minimal or no movement for thehinge of your ankle in order to rest/protect the damaged area untilthe CAM Walker boot can be removed.

At Cam Walker Boot, we understand that each customer’s needs aredifferent. We are here to support you every step of the way as youpurchase and learn to use your Cam Walker Boot. Call us and find outif you qualify for any medical supply product at little or no cost:(347) 6253145.