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I work with business owners to save them money and frustration by helping them with the most important aspect of their business – the transaction. I enjoy working closely with my clients in order to help them, and enjoy long lasting partnerships with them.

If it’s not 100% right for you then it’s not 1% right for me. I offer my clients the right payment processing system that will suit their needs. Whether a business accepts paper checks, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, online payments, or e-commerce payments, they need a payment processing system to make it happen. I also offer In-Store Financing for the client that may have high value transactions and their customers need assistance making payment.

I’m know as an expert in interchange optimization and I thrive on finding buried costs in complicated credit card statements, helping business owners understand where the costs came from, and then showing them how they can cut those costs moving forward.

Business Reviews. I review with my clients quarterly so show them that the system is working as we discussed. I inform and educate my clients on everything from basic transaction details to industry updates affecting their business.

At your service! I am always on-call for my clients so that I can solve any problem or concern they have. Call me first and I’ll spend the time with tech support so you can get back to your business.