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    Stretching is a very important part of physical fitness. It helps prevent injuries, increases strength, and overall helps you move and feel better. These are four stretches I recommend doing every single day.

    I recommend holding stretches for at least 20 seconds but you can hold them for as long as you like!

    Stretch 1: Calf stretch- Place your hands against the wall and extend one leg back far enough to where when you drive your heel towards the floor it can hardly touch.. this will give you the best stretch.

    Stretch 2: Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch: Have one leg at 90 degrees and the other leg extended behind you. The leg that is behind you drive your hip foward to stretch out the hips and quads.

    Stretch 3: Groin/hamstring stretch- Go into a split stance as far as you can feel comfortable. Push your hips back and fold your upper body towards the floor.

    Stretch 4: 90-90 stretch: This stretch will help with the lower back and glutes. Place 1 leg behind you and 1 in front of you at 90 degrees. Keep your back nice and tall and lean forward then switch sides.

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