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How many opportunities have you missed by being late, overpriced, or both?


Is not having the right process in your business killing your cash flow, time, and energy?


Are our current clients unhappy or are you losing out on new clients and opportunities because you don’t have a process that works for you?


You think you know what to do, but you don’t know-how.


If you’re an entrepreneur/business owner with a good few years under your belt, then you know something has to change when:


??You wake up and you can’t trust the team to DO the things you SAY you promised.


??No matter how successful you look to others, inside you feel anxious, discombobulated, and stressed.


??You’ve been making massive “growth plans” for years but your processes are not aligned to the real money-making activities.


??Strategies that are working for your competition aren’t working for you and you’re losing business.


??You’re stuck in your own outdated processes and KNOW the workflow is holding you back BUT you just can’t figure out what needs to change.


? That is because, for a massive change, you need to eliminate all the unnecessary process steps, time & money ?.


As the Process Improvement Wiz, I help you:


⚡️ Permanently eliminate wasted steps, time, and money to reduce the overwhelm.


⚡️ Overcome obstacles in being on time, on point, and delighting your customers each and every time.


⚡️ Erase the unnecessary frustration and loss of business.


⚡️ Coach the team on how to implement the process with ease, so they are more productive & work flawlessly together


⚡️ Develop a customized solution for the business to revive & thrive




“He has a wide range of experiences and focuses ranging from supplier quality insight to CI improvement projects and more. He has both an analytical and functional mindset and works well with others socially. Bruce has a special gift in making cross-functional groups work cohesively together to achieve common goals.” (Lou S., TMS)


“Bruce has been key in my personal process improvements and has really helped me unlock my potential. He is an amazing coach; he is quick to offer his insights and does an excellent job at encouraging focus.

If you are looking to unlock greater success in your business, Bruce is your guy!” (Dr. Aasiyah)


“Bruce is very thorough” (Ked. TNG)


Curious? Message me. I will be happy to answer any questions.


If I cannot help, I will still point you in the right direction.


Bit more about me:


? my community

? my Indy Car racing passion

? people who love to build meaningful connections