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    Thank you for the invitation!!! I am someone who is going to be 60 and recovering from burnout. so I try to go biking and stretch..do some more every day. lasst year i lost 30 lbs and now I guess over the winter I gained 8lbs again…which is not too much to handle….as soon as the sun is out and it gets warmer I do my hour bike to my favorite spot by the Danube river and it will help me get out of that low..
    I have changed my diet, not eating carbs and sugar (for one year now) thats a major change for me from my past. I find it great because I don’t have those craves any more. I eat about every 4 hours and drink a lot of tub water, coffee, tea, cocoa. All in all I try to watch my health more than ever. My biggest weakness are monkey nuts.
    I dont go to a fitness club because I like to be alone on my own floor…when doing my exercise. Soon I can go on a rehab and there I will use the fitness studio as much as possible. It will surely help my muscular build up…
    Thank you for all you provide here!!! Bless you so much!!

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