• Hey there SPN family!! I’ve been off social media for quite some time now. I jumped in and was making content for a while, but it became consuming and overwhelming…and while trying to build a business and also raise a 3 year old and 1 year old… it all just became too stressful. I started looking around at the amount of content being poured into social media, much of it just plain NOISE, and I began to ask myself WHY…why am I making content? I don’t need or want random ”attention”. I don’t care about views. And I just felt that social media had become SO NOISY…everyone was trying to be the next Tony Robbins…so I turned the volume all the way down and stepped away. But I can no longer deny that this is the new MARKET, this is the town square. This is where everyone’s attention is. So to ignore this is to ignore the truth and the way that all business is headed. So I’m going to jump back in here, and my first post…instead of on some other social media website…is being done HERE, on SPN, because I have so much respect for SPN’s Founder @mikeoconnor …and I feel this is the MOST GENUINE AND AUTHENTIC social media site out there.
    Anyways, I’m just wanted to say hello. Post something and re-engage.
    Looking forward to growth and learning, engagement and networking, and getting to know so many of you incredible and inspiring people who are out there trying to make a difference in the world.
    Kind Regards
    -Brian Breen

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    #humbled @mikeoconnor!! 🔥🚀🙏 Thanks brother!

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      Thank you @katja-gersak!!!🙏❤️ Thank you @kennedy657!!🔥🚀 Thank you ALL!!! I’m #humbled!!

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        Wow Thanks so much @mikeoconnor!!! Means the world!

        • Hey everyone, I could really use your support!!

          I have entered a competition called The Next Impactor.

          The winner will be someone who truly has the gift and purpose to impact people’s lives for the better.

          🔥🚀I would be honored and humbled to earn your vote.🔥🚀

          Whether you vote for me, or for someone else, I would love for you to simply check it out.


          Thank you in advance!!

          Here’s the link:

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