• bonniedavid posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago ·

    I have not been active on SPN primarily because the content I share on LinkedIn is mostly related to Chiropractic and my own Insights. Based on my own personal observation, very few people from here engaged with my content. I will be more active with other members on SPN and just interact with others. @spnlocal2017

    • Bonnie, there are still relatively few people here. There are also many benefits (depending on how you post) beyond getting engagement on your LinkedIn activity. This site is meant to help with LinkedIn views and engagement, but it’s also meant to further index and share your content with other search engines and social media sites as well. We all definitely appreciate any engagement that we receive, so engaging on other’s people content will also help with results as well. I appreciate your efforts and hope you have a fantastic day!
      • Hi Bonnie,

        I have a very limited time for LinkedIn and I don’t see a lot of great content if I’m not tagged. Normally, I check my notifications and few posts from my feed.
        If you need my support with anything, please tag me ( here, or on LinkedIn) and I’ll do my best to help.

        Have a great week!!☀