• bonniedavid posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    Hi, folks @spnlocal2017.

    Many health practitioners including chiropractors are active on Instagram aka IG, next to Facebook.

    They maintain their presence on LinkedIn but few are active.

    Some chiro marketers rely on automation systems to generate leads.

    For as long as I have launched my public profile designed for the chiropractic community, I have gained valuable insights.

    After yesterday\\\’s video, I thought it is best to write a post on Instagram Bots.

    My intention is to clear up misconceptions.

    What is an Instagram Bot?

    It is an Automation Tool.

    What is its function?

    Many chiropractors and most Instagram users make use of an Instagram Bot to grow their audience and generate engagement.

    Organic reach on Instagram is becoming challenging.

    How does the Instagram Bot work?

    👉 Liking Automatically Daily

    👉 Following Automatically Daily

    👉 Commenting Automatically Daily

    Through the Instagram Bot:

    👉 You specify your hashtag

    👉 You specify the target users

    👉 The bot will do the work for you.

    👉 Where is the human touch?

    Bryan Kramer coined H2H, which stands for Human to Human Connection.

    You canNot forge a meaningful Connection with an Instagram Bot.