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    Hi Everyone. @spnlocal2017

    Instaforce published an article on January 15, 2019, that mentions \”it is estimated only 10% of your audience is actually seeing your posts.\”

    I am experiencing it on my own Instagram page.

    For those of you who are either IG developers or heavy users, let me know 👇 your thoughts.

    👉 Do you rely on IG bots to grow your following from the perspective of marketing your brand?

    👉 If yes, Why?

    👉 Are you comfortable with the knowledge that a bot on your behalf engages with your posts?

    👉 Where is the human touch?

    👉 How can this form of engagement be authentic?

    👉 Most IG Growth Services range between $25 to $99.

    👉 Do you prefer Instagram bots to Instagram advertising?

    👉 If yes, why?

    Let\’s Start a Dialogue.

    I like to know your thoughts 👇.

    Here is my LinkedIn linked to today\’s video.


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