• If you write an intro to your LinkedIn post, then you’ll get a better response. It’s not just the members of this site, but people from all over the internet that come to your profiles and the activity feed. Each post in your feed will index and create traffic. The more you put in your post the better you will do. Find people that don’t mind getting tagged on here that will pay it back on LinkedIn. So if you want to help build a win-win on LinkedIn, then do so. Just tag the people that are cool with it. If someone doesn’t want to help on LinkedIn or be tagged here, then they just have to let people know their preference. We all just need to be adults, engage and respect boundaries, so this works best for everyone.

      Personally, you can tag me here and I’ll engage on LinkedIn. I do not see tags on LinkedIn. I hardly keep up with anything on there. Post it here and tag me. The more effort you put into posts here the more I’ll put into engaging on LinkedIn. That is win-win.

      If you don’t follow back on Instagram, then I’ll unfollow you. Pretty much my boundary on every platform. I play win-win or I don’t play for long.

      Thanks for helping building a massive win-win for everyone here. @tedladzinski @craigwasilchak @craig @juanblanco76 @justin-c-pearson @irabowman @andyvargo @wkevinward @mandyjahlas @mattsmith58 @mattlopezkronicz @kennedy657 @angellr @larrytweed @chloelemmon and everyone else I am missing.

      • Hi, @spnlocal2017. I was told that I have a world-class summary and my headline is clearly defined.
        I can include a description here before I share my LinkedIn post.
        I don’t want to tag without permission. I share it on SPN for members to freely engage.
        I am not active every day on LinkedIn.
        I post three days a week to get the attention of the chiropractic community.
        My profile has 5-star.
        Not sure what you mean an intro to my LinkedIn post?
        My article has a headline. My long-form status updates are clearly written.
        Thanks for clarifying.
        I feel you mean to write a detailed description of my LinkedIn post. I can do that.

        • Nobody that sees your link here will know what your LinkedIn post is about so no one will click it. If you get random people from Google to come to your SPN profile, then you want them to see your content, right? I don’t click random links that don’t tell me what they are and most of the people on the internet are the same way. If you want traffic to come from SPN then it behooves you to think like a marketer, when you share content here.

      • Hi again @spnlocal2017. Truth be told it is on my LinkedIn article that I wanted everyone to read and acknowledge. That is okay. I respect everyone\’s boundary and time. I am not seeking anyone\’s validation. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Mike. Have a lovely Sunday afternoon. Everytime that I post here, I will tag you.
        I am following you on Instagram and you are following me back.
        On Instagram, I am picky. If members are in the health and wellness, they are welcome to connect with me on IG. My IG public profile is specifically created for the chiropractic community. Marketers and Health and Wellness members are welcome.

      • Thanks Mike! Good information!