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    “How do I land a job fast?”
    That’s a question I’ve heard for years.
    “How do I land a job fast while quarantined at home during an economic crisis and pandemic?”
    That’s a new one.
    I know it’s scary out there right now.
    ➡ CNBC is stating that the coronavirus economic freeze could cost 47 million jobs.➡ A Federal Reserve Estimate is stating the unemployment rate could soar past 32%.➡ 50% of companies surveyed are considering layoffs.
    But here’s the deal.
    You have two choices.
    🛑 Freeze up. Sit on your hands. Wait for this to blow over. Then start panicking. Spray and pray as many resumes as possible to job openings.
    👊 Make moves now. Be proactive and deliberate in executing a powerful and effective job search strategy. Get ahead while others roll over.I’m here to tell you that the people who ACT NOW are going to be on the TOP of the consideration pile as roles open up.
    And PS….
    People are still landing roles!
    💥 My client Teju received an offer a couple weeks ago for her dream role in HR at Uber HQ.💥 My client Leilani landed her dream role in the midst of the COVID crisis as a People Team Business Partner at a major web-infrastructure company in the Silicon Valley.
    They both achieved this by activating an effective job search strategy designed to help professionals land jobs during times of turbulence.
    The truth is… virtual networking and virtual interviewing are a whole different ball game.
    Strategies that may have worked for you in the past won’t necessarily work now.
    👉👉👉 With that said, CLICK BELOW to read the rest of my article and learn:
    ⚡⚡6 Steps to ACCELERATE your Job Search during the COVID-Era ⚡⚡

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