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Babette Seals
Over the years, Babette has been a leader and involved in several organizations. Among them are:
FRG Leader – US ARMY
Family and Women’s Shelter Advisory Board Member
Chickasaw Nation Pow Wow Organizer DLF Advisory Board
PTA Member
Algebra I – Trigonometry Tutor
Delta Gamma Sorority
OU Alumni
OSU Alumni Association
West Point Parent
Army Wife
Army Mom
LEO Wife
Boxer Rescue (Deaf Boxer Mom)
Church Board member (education,
finance, building, bereavement)
Animal Shelter Board Member
Stephen Minister
Her goal in life has always been to be an extraordinary giver.
To extraordinarily give:

Time – to herself, her life and to the people she loves.
Time – to others, to help them see their potential and live their best lives.
Time – to the downtrodden, who never know her name, who may or may not ever be able to give back.
Resources – to give away as she feels led, and to extraordinarily bless any and everyone with whom she comes in contact.
Ability – to give the opportunity for time, resources, health, wellness, and friendship.

It all comes back to Plexus Worldwide and the big picture, Babette’s Team is called, “Expect Miracles.”  She Expects Miracles every single day!
The World is full of Miracles!
When you become a Plexus Worldwide Ambassador, and on Babette’s Expect Miracles Team, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand,
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Become a Plexus Worldwide Ambassador & part of my Expect Miracles Team!
Some of the main reasons she became an Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide,, are because the ProBio5 & Joyōme Collagen have made such a difference in her life! She had extremely painful migraines & her joints hurt all the time. “I am so so much better.”
She states, “I realized I did not have to feel the way I was feeling.” Her gut was hungering for healthy biomes and she was looking for ProBio5! This began her LOVE for ALL things PLEXUS!
Joyōme Collagen is an excellent addition to her regimen she only thought she was adding it to her drink for her skin to look and feel better.  She soon realized that her joints felt so much better after only days of using this. AND her skin does feel AMAZING!
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Joyōme Skincare!” And NOW there is Joyōme FACE WASH that costs under $20!!! She just loves her products, ever single one of them! They are ALL NATURAL & AMAZING!!
And the Compen$ation Plan is also PHENOMENAL! After you order 100 pv, you get paid on yourself! That is whether you work this as a business or not.
100% guarantee
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Expect Miracles