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    Steps to getting more restaurant visits…

    The last year has been a tough one for many restaurants with restrictions, the way customers engaged and all the customer data they may or may not have been collecting.

    For the past 20 years, I have run data-driven digital marketing strategies and tactics for Papa John’s, the #3 Pizza chain in the world. I use a lot of the same experience and knowledge and apply to your brand.

    What I help brands do…

    1️⃣ Bring new customers into the door while collecting data

    2️⃣ Use the new or existing data to retain & regain your customers (repeat visits & higher frequency)

    3️⃣ Program recommendations that have actionable KPIs and metrics to determine success.

    What are you waiting for, let’s get more customers in your seats.

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    Why work with Bernie Fussenegger and B2The7?

    I help brands reach, retain and regain their customers with Omni-Channel, Lifecycle Marketing Strategies to keep people coming back to your brand = increased sales, transactions & comps.

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