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    Reach – one element of the 3 R’s

    Reaching new and existing customers is very important in the continuous growth of your brand.

    I approach “REACH” as part of the on-boarding process, which is part of a larger omni-channel lifecycle strategy and program.

    What you want to achieve with Reach…

    📌 Attract new customers
    📌 Have an Omni-Channel approach – all channels working together
    📌 A coordinated marketing content calendar
    📌 New to the brand – engage with welcome series – beginning of your lifecycle programs
    📌 You want customer data – give them a reason and incentive to engage
    📌 Get them to order 1st time – download app/create an account
    📌 Get them to order the 2nd time
    📌 Move them from Reach to Retain

    It seems like an easy process, but many brands struggle even at this stage.


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