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    Social Media and Your Brand, Using Social Media to Listen for Building Long-term Loyalty

    The last few months have brought so much change. Change for the way brands talk to their audiences and change in the way that audiences and customers engage back with the brand.

    Today, let’s talk about your brand and social media.

    Many brands today are just pushing messages out to the masses, there is no targeting and the expectation is an immediate sale or transaction

    That is fine but you are missing the power of social in building that long-term customer loyalty.

    Your audience is not static and they have content and brand expectations.

    Use social to your advantage – understand who your audience is and what their channel preference is.

    Create content that is relevant to the audience and personas you have identified.

    The following are all activities that should be part of your everyday social presence that help build long term loyalty.

    Listen, engage with your audience, provide value, be consistent, build community, have a two-way relationship, reward feedback and look at your social audiences as real-time focus groups always giving you feedback.

    If you are able to do these things, you will build real brand loyalty and have a much stronger relationship with your audiences.


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