• Bernie Fussenegger posted an update 4 months ago

    📢 7 Ways to Keeping Employees Happy

    Last week, I outlined 6 ways to rewarding and keeping your employees, direct reports or anyone that you work with happy and should be a priority for yourself or your leadership teams. It doesn’t matter what you build, what you sell or even provide to customers, you can’t do it without the people that work for you.

    I have built on those six and added seven more – some of these are great for the COVID environment we are in to help break things up and reward in different ways. These are things you can do to reward your employees without hurting the bottom line, but keeping your team happy.

    Flex Hours

    Be flexible with work hours when things come up such as a doctors appointment or a kids lunch at school. So jobs do require that your employees are there at certain times, but it is ok to be flexible with hours with important life opportunities outside work.

    🔎 Read the entire article – 🔗 https://www.careerbarn.com/7-ways-to-keeping-employees-happy/

    Hope you enjoy.

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