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    After 20+ days of quarantine life, we decided to get creative with e-learning.  As a mom, that is a comedian this whole crazy time has me with the mentality, “If not NOW then WHEN?”  I decided to leap for the stars doing what I love…making people laugh.. So that’s what my family has started to take very seriously is to make people laugh.:)  We are making videos and having fun….I would like to share that joy with you and put a smile on your face. :)

    Watch out Lori Lightfoot there is Little Lightfoot!

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    Thank you, Mike! I love making youtube videos. We stopped because we were not getting views. Youtube seems very overwhelmed with content.

      • Well, you’re part of SPN now, so I am pretty sure that will change. People struggle with views on YouTube due to the way the algorithms work a little different.
        1. Write a good title.
        2. Fill in a keyword heavy description.
        3. Use http://www.ifttt.com to make applets that set up auto-sharing to other social media platforms.
        4. Post your videos in this activity feed and build win-win relationships with other YouTubers like @dylankowalski, @irabowman, @jd-gershbein and many others that will be giving YouTube another go.

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