Types of Honey and his Health Benefits

Honey has been a topic in the medical world ever since ancient times, when people realized it had many health benefits. It is often used to fight against ailments ranging from colds and flu to stomach ulcers and skin problems. For this reason, it is no surprise that many are now wondering, what is the reason why honey is important for your health.

There are two types of honey that you can find on store shelves: Manuka honey and Regular honey. While the first type is harvested from the Manuka bush in New Zealand, the latter type is produced from various other types of flowers around the globe. Each type has different health benefits. So which one should you use?

Control The Blood Sugar

Let’s start with the one that everyone knows about: honey helps lower blood sugar. The level of glucose in the bloodstream is determined by insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. If the level of insulin increases, glucose is not secreted properly. This causes excessive production of blood sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. A diet lacking in carbohydrates, or one with large amounts of simple sugars, such as table sugar, leads to frequent urination, which increases the production of glucose in the body.

So, the question “what is honey and why is honey important for your health?” – begins with the explanation that honey in Pakistan has natural anti-diuretic properties and thus prevents dehydration, which can cause serious medical problems, including heart disease. Moreover, a diet rich in antioxidants can reduce free radical formation in the body. And the fact that one tablespoon of raw honey has the same amount of sweetness as a cup of coffee makes it even more alluring as an ingredient in sweet desserts.

Buying and Selling of Honey

It is not difficult to get honey, as it is available in most supermarkets. However, buying honey commercially may be expensive. The most economical way to get honey is to make your own. You can buy honey in a container from the store and then mix it with flour, yeast, molasses, raisins, honey and spices, or add some of your own ingredients. Alternatively, you can purchase a bottle of organic raw honey.

What Makes Honey Such an Important Ingredient in Many Foods?

The answer lies in the fact that bees produce an extract with multiple benefits, one of which is anti-cancer. Research indicates that bee pollen reduces tumor growth in laboratory rats, as well as reducing the risk of prostate, cervical, ovarian and colon cancer. Researchers believe that this anti-cancer activity results from the plant’s ability to protect against DNA damage caused by free radicals.

Honey is Good for Human Health

In addition to many of the above-mentioned health benefits, honey has been shown to have a laxative effect on many people. People often think of consuming honey as a reward for good behavior, but it can also be used to treat constipation. Mixing honey with water and consuming after a meal relieves gas and bloating. The bacteria in honey act to help cleanse the digestive system, and eliminate toxins from the body. The richest antioxidants are found in raw honey, which is why it is so important to consume raw honey.



As you can see, why is honey important for your health? There are several reasons that this special honey is beneficial to our bodies, but one of the main reasons is because it contains high concentrations of nutrients and enzymes that are good for the health. One tablespoon a day of raw honey contains more than enough vitamins and nutrients to keep your body healthy. You should aim to consume at least two tablespoons a day. For maximum health benefits, you should eat the honey in its unprocessed state. Raw honey is very rich in antioxidants, so you will get tons of health benefits from simply drinking a glass of raw honey.