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Florida, US

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Hello, everyone!

My name’s AndrewPaul (AP). ??

At this moment in time, I’ve graduated FSC and am transitioning into the working world.

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• A lifelong learner, and a polymath/expert-generalist(#reading1bookaweek).

• A polyglot: Je peux le faire, yo pienso. French, Spanish, Japanese, and more, await!

• Financially free: Not for the trendy trimmings of wealth, but for never having to worry about money.

“How shall I use my wealth to [+] impact the lives of others?” – that’s a question on my mind.

What is your Future Self? What questions are your tennis ball? If they are similar to mine, let’s connect.

Even if not, there is something to be learned from anyone.

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• A co-founder of King of the Curve. A thank you to Heath Rutledge-Jukes and William Kelly for bringing me onto the team.

• Becoming more active on LinkedIn.

• Vice President Public Relations of The Talking Mocs, and Area 53 Director (Toastmasters) for Lakeland/Plant City, FL.

“‘Self-made’ is an illusion.

What we are able to accomplish is because of the work others have done, because of the connections we’ve made.”

Thank you to ALL of those who have helped me, big or small.

You know who you are. :)