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A carpet is not just a beautiful part of the interior, but also an object that brings warmth and comfort to the house. This product will never lose its popularity, however, when buying a carpet cleaning issue arises. The difficulty of cleaning a carpet arises because the carpet collects various kinds of dirt not only on the surface of the pile but also deep inside. Simple cleaning in this case is powerless, something more effective is required. The best method is to entrust the work to professional cleaners. Factory-made and handmade carpets differ in structure and manufacturing technology. You can determine the type of product after a thorough inspection. Factory canvases are characterized by perfect symmetry, absence of errors, and other defects. Handmade carpets differ in different knots and knotted rows, there are some irregularities in the pattern. Pay attention to the fringe, if any. Products created on a loom have threads that are an extension of the fabric. On factory canvases, a separately sewn fringe is more common. Before any actions with the carpet, you need to understand whether it is hand-knitted or machine-knitted. Less persistent dyes are used in handmade carpets – this must be taken into account when choosing a cleaning method. Depending on whether it is possible to transport the carpet, or taking into account the urgency of the order, you can order a factory dry cleaning or a visit to your home. Dry cleaning of carpets at the factory is of better quality, plus, in the factory, you can not only clean but also repair the carpet if it has holes, lint loss, and similar damage. Contact Antique And Vintage Rug Cleaning Brooklyn to learn more about our services (718)-831-2670!
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