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CxO / Board Directors | Biomedical Data Science | 75+ AI Patents | SEEK ADDITIONAL Advisory work

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Dr. Bob Angell is a Founder, CEO, and Board of Director/Advisor member for a variety of industries since 2018. He has been passionate about identifying and providing solutions to the unsolvable or nearly intractable problems presented, both large and small. By combining his expertise in banking, retail, and medicine, he has created/uses AI resistant data repositories to solve complex problems to improve health, security, and public well-being globally. As a data strategist (Informatician), he incorporates ethics, analysis, data science, governance/stewardship, modeling, and psychology to make appropriate decisions. Dr. Angell, has over three decades of broad and deep knowledge of systems engineering, statistics, data structures, algorithms, and data science. Bob has successfully been solving “one-off” problems for Fortune 500 companies and nation states globally during this time. He has filed close to 100 USPTO patents, with over 75 being issued. Additionally, Bob works with global teams to design, develop, and launch blockchain (GameFi, SocialFi, NFT, DeFi, and DAO/DAC) projects.Dr. Angell earned a Doctorate in Biomedical Informatics [Dissertation: Temporal Reasoning in Medicine for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Patient Outcomes and Treatments Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks] which was a cross-disciplinary learning of Temporal Medicine, T2DM, Dynamic Bayesian Networks, Operations Research, and Biostatistics from the University of Utah School of Medicine. Bob programs in more than 15 different computer languages, has taught Computer Science at the Salt Lake Community College, and holds a Bachelor of Science of Industrial Engineering also from the University of Utah.He spends his free time reading, hiking, and being dragged daily, for an hour, by his border collie Bernie.

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