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I have led operational CX Teams and crafted Customer and Brand Strategy across many industries, launching new technology and re-engineering service teams that saved millions and dramatically improved Client and Employee satisfaction and retention. I deliver customer-centric solutions that drive business growth and achieve ROI for brands that are cementing their market position; evolving; re-examining strategy; or shifting course.

With deep knowledge of CRM systems, contact center solutions, omnichannel, social media, service recovery, CX Management, Operations and brand experience—I have worked in diverse settings from apparel and outdoor retail; to manufacturing; call center/VDI; remote workers; healthcare; insurance; claims; regulatory and compliance; and real estate. 

I’m not looking for any particular brand or type of product, service or solution. I’m looking for a Quality organization. My value could be as focused as Sales Management or CSR Training. It could be as broad as re-vamping an entire brand or creating an entirely new patient care journey or, say, telehealth or work-from-home venture. And speaking of journeys, I would be equally intrigued by opportunities that involved associations, memberships or clubs. 

I am exceptional at Client Management and Vendor Management SLAs and expectation setting; as well as the process that delivers on both, all while maintaining the Brand Promise. I can do this both from a direct management perspective or via a 3rd party vendor contract. I am also intrigued by emerging consumer lifespan research across a person’s lifetime—or a business’s relationship over touch points with another commercial enterprise. At a more micro level, I’ve unified marketing, messaging and Social Media strategy. 
My utility is broad-based, but I am in fact challenges based, and therefore very open about roles where my value and my utility might change over time.