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Andy Hawkins




Metro Jacksonville

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If you have an idea or a dream; Let’s talk about it. I’m always looking where to apply my expertise and build the next great innovation. I’ve got couple successful startups under my belt and always looking for the next. If you’ve got a good idea or a passion to make a real change in this world. Let’s connect and discuss it. Please attach a introduction message though.

I live, breathe, and speak technology. Send me a connect and let’s talk if you do too.

Time is valuable, and in a limited supply. So if you want to have a meeting with me and my team, I request that there is an agenda and purpose proposed before I will schedule a meeting.

Current fields of study and interest are Machine Learning, Nature Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Trend Analysis, all mostly Python centric.

Broad Summary:

15+ years of broad hands-on application development, data management and high availability networking technology experience. Truly passionate for technology and innovation in all it’s forms. Proven expertise in all aspects of building environments, applications, including security and optimization.

Performance Programming, Diagnostic Debugging, Server Management and Interaction, Maintain 10000+ file projects with ease, Managing a cluster of 50+ devices/servers with ease, Multitasking, Being very flexible working without technical spec documents, Single Handed Management (From Server Architecture to the Graphic Layout), QA, and Development of Large Scale Projects.

Specialties: Working with cutting edge technology, ability to design outside the box to increase performance, and foresee future feature sets.

NOTE: I’m a very active person here on LinkedIn. I can’t possibly respond to all of the comments, and I apologize, I get hundreds of notifications a day. If you wish to contact me it is best by sending me a message.