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Andrada Anitei



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NLP Facilitator | Emotional Writer at Flavored Ventures | #FlavoredWriting | Author x 2 | Editor |

? Author of “The Man, the Moon and the Casquette” ?

? Polymath ? I’m one of those with many passions… ?

? Apps and value promoter ? You have a cool app that can help others grow their business? Let’s give it a shoutout.

? Storyteller ? I am stubborn enough to keep my inner child alive and I am a true believer in the magic of stories. I can help you write yours.

? Writer ? 1 x unpublished book in my drawer, another 1 coming out soon… ?

? Editor & Proofreader ? There are awesome writers who need help with their manuscripts. And this is what I’m here for.

? Book reviewer ? Motivational / uplifting messages or life stories. This is what your book should be about if you want me to review it.

? Truth hunter ? We are being taught what is wrong and what is right. For them. I believe in the power of choice.

? Personality explorer ? Meyer Briggs labels me as introvert. At times, he’s right. Except for those particular cases, he’s wrong. I work towards overcoming old ideas.

? Interviewer ? “People are beautiful, but they don’t know it yet”. That’s all. Odd? ?

? Podcaster ? Soon to be made public. Look me up on YouTube, until then. ?

?️ Video creator and editor ? We can talk about videos made of pictures, short footage mashups, subtitles, cut, music, intro/ outro… And many more.

? Logo & web designer ? True passion for your brand is what you will discover in the final result. Because you want to tell a story in a few seconds, don’t you?

? Mother of 2 ? Girls. Still very young, though.

☕ Coffee & networking lover ? Coffee is my fuel for the day. And the people I like to learn from and support. ?

?‍♀️Mental health advocate ? I believe that kindness is free and that is our duty to give back to society, even if it’s just a smile. ☺

?️ Aiming public speaker ? I just had my first speech ?

? Blogger ? is my virtual companion, on my journey towards self-development. Happy browsing. ☺