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      5 months ago

      For everyone that thinks that Covid is completely gone now, it’s not. I’m 90%+ when it comes to business travel. With all of my traveling in the last 2.5 yrs. I’ve never caught the bug. Just a couple of weeks ago as the airlines lifted the mask mandate I as well as many others chose to fly mask free, rightfully so after so many yrs.

      It was no different than lifting the mask mandates around to country the first year to see what would happen, we had to do it to see where we were standing with Covid.

      Well I traveled on April 29th-30th. (Friday&Saturday)

      On Sunday mid-day I fell out with zero energy and I had cold chills that wouldn’t go away. Soar throat with a cough (No-Fever) aches in my neck, shoulders, collar bone area and lower ribcage. I slept for over half of the day I think.

      Monday I slept even more. After dinner the cold chills stopped and I felt better but still had all of the other issues in place.

      Today is Sunday 8th. I’m not going to list each day but I did test positive and now my wife is positive. My 10 yr. old is fine so far, I’m feeling much better by now and my wife is slowly catching back up to me.

      I’m going to wear my mask next week while I’m on the plane, my choice.

      I’ve learned that being Covid positive with no one else knowing, you can easily run around the planet and spread it with no real restrictions but your own conscience.

      Pay close attention to the traveling coughers out there friends.

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      • Thanks for sharing, @albates, and bringing awareness.  I will still wear a mask on a plane.  Too close for comfort, COVID or no COVID.  There are so many other bugs out there.  I hope you’re feeling better and beat it.  I stayed in and out of any stores from March 2020 through today.  I take care of my elderly mom who has one lung.  She’d be struggling if she caught COVID.  The virus has no fear.