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    Look what’s available for March new customer enrollments only!!!  


    Limited time bundle for new enrollments March 1-31, 2021

    Diffuse a few drops of Lemon and Peppermint when you first wake up for a fresh start to your day or surround your family in the soothing scents of Lavender and Peace & Calming before settling down for the night.  

    . You can also create your own custom diffuser blends with the two glass dropper bottles included in the bundle. (These are so helpful to have right by your diffuser so you’re not chasing down oil bottles). 

    This bundle includes:

    • Haven Diffuser
    • Lemon essential oil, 15 ml
    • Lavender essential oil, 15 ml
    • Peppermint essential oil, 15 ml
    • Peace & Calming essential oil blend, 5 ml
    • 15 ml glass dropper bottles, 2 ct.

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