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Living life Well.

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Just about six years ago, I was so frustrated with my chronic health issues (many stemming from hormonal imbalances and what I now recognize as toxic overload) I went searching for solutions. After reading some great testimonials from others who use them, I gave essential oils a try and was blown away by Peppermint oil’s cooling action when I rubbed a drop on my temples.


Total game-changer! And that was only the beginning of my transformation.


Right around that time, my Facebook friend, Kim, posted about buying a starter kit of oils from Young Living. She was using them as a natural way to support her own wellness and I could relate to that, but I REALLY took notice when she mentioned the income opportunity and how she was earning enough to pay for her orders. Paying for my orders sounded great and supplementing our retirement plan would be even better!


Trusting Kim and knowing I NEEDED to keep these plant juices flowing into MY life, I bought a starter kit and began sharing my own story.


There has been a lot to learn and it hasn’t always been easy, but our team mentors have been very supportive and my business is growing.


I have a 30-minute video I’d love for you to watch. You’ll hear more about the income opportunity and how you can benefit from it as you support your own wellness with these products.