• Brad Emery posted an update 1 year, 4 months ago ·

    I kind of realised yesterday that there is no guide on how to use SPN – unless I missed it

    I’ve been learning by experimenting, which is what I did with LinkedIn when I started. I’m naturally curious so am enjoying the process

    1) I’m trying to connect with people here, and on LI but have realized that going to people’s profiles you can check out and follow all their social media

    2) When you get on their Social Media try to check out, comment, like some of their content and follow them

    3) If someone posts something really cool, you can always post a link back here for everyone else to support it

    4) Post your own links to new content here for people to support

    5) If you are feeling super nice create a FYI.TO page for those links too (Google loves it)

    6) Ask for what you need – e.g. I’m constantly looking for back links and guest posting opportunities around travel and travel insurance so if you have a list of good ones please share

    My FYI.TO page for marketing resources may be useful – you can find it here

    What tips do you have for using SPN?

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