• Guys,

    I am so excited that @cdyer110, @adwordvigilante, @chantel, @ajalgmin and @yvonnej joined #SPN this weekend!

    Candice is getting her networking business going, so it\’s going to be fun to help with that.

    Yvonne is working on adding subscribers to her #YouTube channel among other things.

    Lets create some win-win relationships here. Please subscribe and comment with things you need help with. How can we help you?

    @craigwasilchak @katja-gersak @irabowman @dylankowalski @b2the7 Thank you all for being win-win networkers. I hope you\’re enjoying your weekend!

    When you post your YouTube videos here to get better indexing and more views…

    1. paste your youtube in the middle icon below the white box on this stream. The icon says add videos.

    2. Only do one video or link at a time or it won\’t work.

    3. Hit preview and wait for the preview to pop up.

    4. Write out the title and a brief description of the video in this big white box. The more you write about the video the more it will index on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. :)

    5. Hit the \”add video\” button below the preview after the preview loads and you have written a good description.

    6. Tag your friends to remind them to engage. If you engage on other people\’s videos and leave comments, then they\’ll get you back. If you constantly post things without helping others they\’ll be less likely to help you back. Hence, the \”win-win\”.

    We can all do a lot better online especially on YouTube and the search engines by working together. Share your LinkedIn articles, YouTube videos, and blogs. All images you share here will be pinned in my very popular Pinterest boards, which will also share them on Twitter and Tumblr as well.

    7. If you share a website page, it\’s best to share an image with it that I can share while sharing the link in this big white box. I can not share blogs from here as easily as I can an image. IF you share an image and URL to a blog or whatever together make sure to drop your link in the first 180 characters for best results. :)

                  • @adwordvigilante Hi Roberto,

                    Welcome to SPN!!😊

                    Thank you for connecting here and for sending me such a kind message on LinkedIn too!! Much appreciated!!😊

                    I hope you have a great day!!☀

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