Three Important but Less Discussed Organic Ranking Factors

If you want to become successful in online business, you must strive for top rankings in Google search results. Top organic ranking is the key to high ROI in online business world. Once your website achieves a place in the list of top three search results, you get almost every searcher’s click because people don’t make their decisions just by seeing the first results and they check at least first three results. However, a large number of people checks more first page options, too.

Many people may argue why to invest in search engine optimization when paid ads make their website appear above the organic search results instantly while SEO services may take a couple of months to get first page Google rankings for competitive keywords. Undoubtedly, SEO services will take time, but once your website obtains top rankings, these services will save you a big amount.


If you don’t invest in search engine optimization services, you rely on ads and pay for every click. But, there is no guarantee that every click will generate lead because many people click all three to four paid search results and then check some free organic search results as well. Unlike paid marketing, SEO services increase your return on investment because clicks are free and you have to pay your search engine optimization company to maintain the ranking of your website in SERPs as you also pay to your Paid marketing company for your PPC campaign. This way, SEO services become cost-effective compared to paid marketing and increase your return on investment.

How to Obtain Top Rankings in Organic Search Results

When you search for SEO guides on Google, the search engine will show you hundreds of options, and all of them insist on selecting the right keywords, writing quality content, optimizing the keywords properly on the website, and building quality backlinks. However, the truth is SEO is not all about just these factors. SEO is much more than what these guides tell you about, and those untold things have a big impact on the ranking of your website.

In this blog, I will talk about the top three secret Google Ranking Factors.

Domain History

In general, people search for the terms of their choices on different domain registration websites and as they find the domain name of their choice, they buy it. But, it is a blunder. You must check the domain history before adding a domain to the cart. The reason is, if domain has been earlier used by somebody and they abandoned the domain because Google penalized their website, then it will also affect your dream to get better visibility. However, if you have already launched your website and are working hard to get it in search results, but not getting expected results, you must check the domain history. If you discover the website was earlier penalized, you should check the backlinks and then disavow all the spam links.

Featured Snippets

The sole purpose of every company is to increase their customer base because the more customer they will have the more they will earn. In order to achieve this goal, they tend to provide exceptional experiences to their customers. Google is not any different from other companies. Google is also determined to provide remarkable solutions to their customers and has rolled out Featured Snippets feature to provide quick information to their customers.

For example, if you search for ‘how planets revolve around the sun’, Google will show the direct answer to your question on the top with the source of information.

Thus, if your website appears on the top in search results as a featured snippet source, it will gain everyone’s attention. Moreover, it will be clicked by everybody interested to know more.  Thus, it will directly improve your website traffic and help you get more leads and conversions.

After knowing how appearing as featured snippets in Google search results benefit your business, you must be interested to know how you can make this happen. The straightforward answer is you will have to optimize your website for featured snippets.

Easier said than done.

Optimizing for featured snippets will consume time. You will have to find the questions that your target audiences very often search for. Once you find them, you will have to prepare the most accurate answers in less than one hundred words. Now, you will have to analyze the content of your website to find where you can use the questions in the most appropriate way and your content does not seem a way to manipulate Google search results. If it seems difficult to add these questions and their answers to your current website content, rewrite the content in a way that these questions and answers should appear an integral part of the content. One important thing, answer one question just on one page of your website. Additionally, increase the authority of your website pages by building quality backlinks to your website.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is also an important, but less discussed organic ranking factor. It matters for ranking because schema markup tells search engines more about your content and enables them to figure out the essence of your content. With better understanding of your content, they find it easy to give the right place to your website in their search results.

After knowing the significance of schema markup, you will want to know what it is and how to use it for your website. The one-line answer to your questions is – Schema markups are codes that are added to your website to make your website content more understandable for search engines.

If schema markups are codes, should I approach my developer to create this code and add it to my website? No. You can do it on your own.

Here are the steps to create and apply schema markup code.

Search for the phrase “schema markup generator” on Google and the search engine will show you many search results in response.

Open any schema markup generator. Create the code by selecting the right categories and giving the right information. The tool will provide you with the code.

Once the code is generated, copy the code and add it to the website. Now, the question is how to add the code to the website? It is very simple. There are several plugins that can help you do it. For example, if your website is built on WordPress, you can do it with the help of Yoast plugin.

Since these abovementioned things have their impact on your website’s performance, implement them without any delay if you not done it so far.



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