Meena Harris’s better half Nikolas Ajagu is no less popular than her! Check out the interesting facts about him here!

Nikolas ajagu

Before we start discussing Nikolas Ajagu, have you heard about Mina Harris? Meena Harris is a very popular and strong personality in the law world. She is a renowned American lawyer and the founding figure of the Women Action Campaign. Meena writes children’s storybooks too. Moreover, who doesn’t know Kamala Harris? Meena is Kamala Harris’s niece. However, she does not need any strong personality to introduce her.

Nikolas Ajagu has a very close relationship with a very strong Harris Family. He is Meena harris’s husband, who is known to be a very successful woman all over America. However, he is no lesser famous than his wife. Let us check out some amazing facts about Nikolas Ajagu!


Who is Meena Harris’s spouse? 


Meena Harris’s better half is an example of an ideal husband. He loves her wife to the core of his heart. Just like a woman sacrifices her career to take care of her family, Meena Harris’s husband does the same. Probably, he is one of the very rare husbands who let her follow her dreams. But that doesn’t mean Nikolas is any lesser than her wife.


Is Nikolas Ajagu working?


As per the reports, Nikolas Ajagu is a very renowned personality in business. He led the foundation of two big companies named Barrel & Ink and Code and Canvas. Moreover, Code and Canvas is a creative platform with a community of fifty people. However, his other company, Barrel & Ink, is another online open platform where art, wine, and design experts can make several contacts to sell their masterpieces online.

What did Nikolas use to do before meeting Meena Harris?

Nikolas was not a celebrity before tying the knot with Meena Harris. However, he was also a very successful person. Nikolas used to work at Facebook Advertising in the position of partnership head globally. Meena was lucky for him as his current online business is booming.


Did Nikolas leave the job and become the househusband?


It is not easy for a man to accept that his wife is more successful than him. In several countries, it is not yet acceptable for women to work. This is because some men make it a matter of their ego. However, Meena Harris is very lucky in this case. She is very beautiful, multi-talented, and a successful lawyer with a very wealthy and strong family. However, instead of criticizing or showing disrespect, Nikolas Ajagu supports her wife. He is very lucky to have a spouse like Meena Harris. He has zero complaints about her wife being more successful than her.


To your surprise, Nikolas is a househusband. He decided to do that after the birth of his daughters. Meena was unable to manage because of her profession. Therefore, Nikolas decided to help her wife and quit his job. Now, he takes care of his business online and gives his whole time to his daughters. 




In the end, this article proves that “there is a loving and supporting husband behind every a successful woman.” I hope you find this article worth reading. Take care and be safe!


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