Marcella Samora is an unfortunate mother of a late teenage pop star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez! Check out more about her in this article!

The world can never forget the contribution of Marcella Samora’s daughter to the world of pop and how tragic her end was. Marcella’s daughter was a superstar at the very young age of 23. Unfortunately, she met with an unfortunate incident that cost her life. Selena’s mother and other family members rose to fame after her death. Check out the answers to all the questions you have in your mind in this article!


Who is Marcella Samora?


The world identifies her by the name of Selena’s mother. However, she rose to fame when her daughter died. Marcella is the one who brings forth the tragic life incident of her daughter in the limelight. It is because of her mother, Selena got justice after death. 

Let us begin without a story!

Marcella Samora is a citizen of the United States and is part Mexican. She was born in Texas in 1944 and spent her major years in Washington. However, the parts of her childhood and upbringing are unknown to us to date. 

Later, she met the man of her dreams, Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Abraham was in military service and fell in love with Marcella in Washington. After dating for a decade, they finally got married and settled in Texas in 1963.

After a few years, they were the parents of three beautiful children, Abraham, Suzette, and the youngest one, Selena. All of Marcella’s children were given strict music training. Their father raised them under some rules and discipline. Maybe, they all grew up to be famous.

Her youngest was the gem as she became the famous pop queen during her teenage years. However, the horrible incident left the family stunned. Check out what happened to Selena Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.


What happened to Marcella Samora’s youngest daughter?


Selena was the youngest and most adored siblings. She had an incredible talent for singing and rose to fame in a very short period. This was when the murder story of Marcella started. After becoming the pop queen, she decided to hire a manager to take care of her everything. 

This was when Yolanda Saldivar came into the picture. Selena had family terms with Yolanda and hired her without thinking through.

Everything was going great till the family heard the news of money embezzlement. Also, those working under Yolanda complained about her behavior with staff. After the repetitive episodes of money embezzlement, Selena’s father warned her. However, after seeing no difference, the family decided to confront her. The family humiliated her in front of everyone and fired Yolanda. This was when Yolanda chose to take revenge. She purchased a gun and invited Marcella to a motel room.

Moreover, when Selena entered the room, Yolanda tried to convince her to hire her again. However, when Selena refused and stood up to leave, Yolanda shot her back. 

Unfortunately, the pop queen died in this tragic incident before reaching the hospital. This was the moment of pain for the whole world. Everyone protested against Yolanda so that she could get the most strict sentence. Unfortunately, se left the world at a very young age. If Selena was alive, she could be “the other gaga” of the industry. 

Marcella Samora told this heartbreaking story to the world. As a result, Yolanda got a life sentence with the parole possibility after 30 years.

In the end, I hope this article tells you that life is precious. Try living life at its peak. Thank you and take care!


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