Looking for Best Private & Super Yacht Charter? KaterBlue would love to end your search

Nowadays many people look for different types of attractive places to spend time on their holidays, amongst the leading choices are a sailing and motor yacht charter holidays, or for those of you who can spend some serious money, a fully crewed and serviced Super Yacht Charter Holiday where no luxury is spared.

Take a pick! A group vacation amongst friends, a private and intimate holiday with your partner or loved ones and only your chosen ones onboard, or a corporate holiday for business associates and staff on a fully serviced cruise. Motor and sailing yacht charters are usually booked for a couple of days, weeks or even a month or more. Tours and events on Yachts for parties and shorter tours of course can also be organized ranging from one hour to several hours. KaterBlue offers bare boat charters where the charterer takes command of the vessel and brings it back after an agreed period of time. Often a week or more. KaterBlue also specializes on the fully crewed and serviced Motor yacht, Sailing Yacht or Super Yacht charter where a bespoke service can be offered and customized in accordance to the guest wishes.

The bare boat or fully serviced Yacht Charters KaterBlue offers are as follows:

  • Luxury Yacht Charter
  • Motor Yacht Charter
  • Motor Boat
  • Sailing Yacht Charter
  • Gullet
  • Super Yacht Charter
  • Bareboat Charter
  • Mega Yacht Charter
  • Jet Car

Marine supplies such as pontoon and floating marinas and boat moorings etc. are made available to our customers through KaterBlue.


Private Yacht Charter

Private Yacht Charter services provided by KaterBlue include private yacht charter hired for several days or a couple of hours by a customer who wishes to organize corporate events, a party or simply a sunset tour with bubbly and dinner. The choice is yours. Under the heading of Private Yacht Charter, we provide our customers with a private yacht, diving, snorkeling & fishing on prior request, excellent food, wine, and an attractive and fun-filled environment to spend their time in, and enjoy any type of entertainment.


Super Yacht Charter

With a Super Yacht Charter, KaterBlue offers its customers a luxury yacht charter which is fully serviced. You will have a captain, several deckhands, a chef, hostess, a stewardess, maid and on request even a teacher or nanny for your children.   Such luxury Superyacht Charters are usually booked by, or for celebrities who want to spend time amongst themselves,  or a glamorous VIP events. 


The Superyacht charter service offered by KaterBlue has 5 star amenities with a generous bar, swimming pool, gym, sun deck, snorkeling, five-star hotel facilities, along with gourmet food, wine and drinks served by impeccable stewards and stewardesses. Dancers for onboard entertainment as well as a gym, private trainer and  Massages can also be organized on special request.


Come and spend a holiday of a lifetime on one of KaterBlue’s Superyachts, Motor Yachts and Sailing Yachts! 


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