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LinkedIn Networking Tips: What’s In It For Me?

Are you part of the “What’s In It For Me” On LinkedIn Networking Crowd?

I got on LinkedIn in early 2009.  My career has always been face-to-face sales, so internet marketing was not my forte. Up until a few weeks ago, I was hovering around 1,500 connections. I was doing what most people do and going to Google. I did a lot of searching for LinkedIn networking tips.

All I could seem to find was basic information that really gave everyone the same generic results. It was very frustrating and a complete waste of time in a lot of ways. People were constantly offering me their LinkedIn training or life coaching. My desire to learn more about how to use LinkedIn networking began to wane, so I quit looking into it.

It was starting to seem like the “what’s in it for me” crowd was beginning to take over. The feeling I was getting was everyone wants things from me, but no one really wants to just help. Getting a straight answer and solid advice was a chore.

The SPN Project Can Help You Grow

I came across a video on LinkedIn one day that was different. The person in the video was breaking all the rules and was so passionate. The words Win-Win and the Golden Rule kept coming up. I felt like I was watching a comedy show. It was too funny to be someone telling people how to sell on LinkedIn. I was laughing out loud, but I was also learning how to think differently.

The person was Mike O’Connor with #SPN.  In the video, he also dropped a rope for me to climb. “If you’re smart, you’ll call me” was a bold statement he made, so I made the call. We spoke for over two hours and I got real value from it.

Mike was different than other people that I had spoken with from LinkedIn due to his approach. He began asking questions right off the bat and I didn’t really know he was digging for info. After a few minutes, he began to ask about why I didn’t have a bigger network. I was using LinkedIn to sell and doing well with it, but it was a lot of work. It was a lot of cold calling and prospecting.

I work for California Surveying & Drafting Supply Inc. I’m a local account manager, so I didn’t see the value in having a large LinkedIn network. We are in a niche sales market in California, so I wasn’t thinking about the big picture. The more first degree connections you have on LinkedIn the more likely you are to have access to local customers in any niche market. Simply put the bigger your LinkedIn network the better, if you’re trying to sell things. The bigger the network of your first-degree connections the easier it is to sell things on LinkedIn.

How To Get Over 30k Followers On LinkedIn

Mike wrote a LinkedIn article on “How to get over 30k followers on LinkedIn“, so I read that. It was then that I had my ah-ha moment and began to think differently.  I got a lot of tips on the call and the content Mike puts out really helped me get it. Focusing on the growth of my LinkedIn network became a priority. The SPN project is unlike other open networking groups on LinkedIn due to the focus on building real life relationships. Hence, the push to pick up the phone and make a call to get to know your connections.

It was with this new way of thinking that I really began to make LinkedIn networking really work for me. My networking took off right away and began making some really awesome connections. I also began getting a lot of calls from people in California or in need of my services. Mike began referring people to me. He was actually telling people about Ira Bowman with CSDS. That was not something I was really expecting.

It was on the call where I was saying thank you that I got it was just business as usual for him. This is what he means by Win-Win marketing and networking. He took the time to learn about how he could help me and began to help right away. His only concern was that I was to pay it for forward by dropping the rope for the next person.

LinkedIn Networking Made Easy With Project Help You Grow

The Service Professionals Network was so good to me that I was hoping to contribute more to the group. Mike actually told me to start my own #SPN group, so I could focus on helping people like me. His focus is on helping people in #SPN grow through his charity marketing and contributor projects. The idea behind the #ProjectHelpYouGrow group on LinkedIn is to help SPN continue to help LinkedIn beginners.

We work together to make it easier for people to learn how to make money and find jobs through LinkedIn networking. I am currently over 6k first degree connections with over 2k of them in the California area. Making the call to learn how to market on LinkedIn better was the best decision I made in a long time.

I take lessons that I got from Mike and apply them to my every day life. SPN teaches people how to communicate in business, online and in person. People pay big money for higher education and the type of training courses that SPN gives out for FREE.

Network With C-Level Executives And World Leaders

The best part about SPN is you really do get to network with c-level executives and world leaders. SPN has millions of people in it due to the massive network that Mike has built. Joining the Service Professionals Network groups on every platform really opens a lot of doors people don’t pay attention to. It’s all in who you know, who knows you and how they feel about you. Mike is known as #TheClownOfLinkedIn.

The truth is he is more like the ring leader of the circus due to the way he connects so many people. Mike works tirelessly to raise money for charity while also helping nearly everyone that reaches out to him. He helps everyone from the people with the smallest of networks to the largest of corporations equally. Knowing Mike and connecting with the SPN social media groups really does change lives.

The Service Professionals Network is project that can help you grow. SPN is a networking project that helps better connect millions of people with C-level executives and world leaders. It is also growing daily on multiple social media platforms.

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