Lightning Prevention Tips and Tricks to Protect Yourself

Lightning Prevention Tips and the Protection Methods

Did you just have a spontaneous thought on the electric discharges called Lightning? Well, have you ever spotted long conductors/ rods on the rooftop of any building/structures and thought of its purpose? They are called lightning arresters, which are conductors placed on the topmost point of any structure and connected to the chemical earthing system via a down conductor to protect from lightning strikes.

Packed up with million Volts of electricity, that close call with Lightning is immense and beyond one’s control. This natural phenomenon is indiscriminate and terrifying, hitting you even when inside any building/ structure. Vaguely mysterious lightning events are infrequent. They are known to strike 10 miles away from their origin, where the sky appears clear.

As with every other phenomenon happening in nature, Lightning might also serve a purpose and so let it happen. Here, we shall learn to install fail-proof protection from this crackling electrostatic discharge.

1. Direct Lightning Discharges Taking Place and What are Its Impacts:

If you are not using a lightning protection system then a lightning strike will  hit you directly originates out of the accumulation and partitioning of positive and negative charges between the storm cloud and the ground. It could be between cloud to cloud is the source of Lightning. Analyzing the electrical imbalance between the cloud and the environment, a giant spark breaks down to the earth surface, creating a pealing thunder along with lightning flash.

This sky-to-earth voltage discharge amounts to billions of volts that heats the air around and is beyond an average human or inducing fault into sensitive and sophisticated electrical and electronic connections outside the buildings, such as lighting systems, security systems, CCTV cameras, etc. which should be provided with a defensive system against Lightning and equipped with a conductive path to ground.

2. Indirect Lightning Strikes that Paves the way to Nearby Objects:

If not hit directly onto your structure, it can also find its path through ground current or side flash. Lightning striking somewhere on the ground surges through the ground to reach another object causing devastating injuries and property damage. Side flashes can also jump through the air onto another thing within striking distance.

3. Explaining the Defensive Capture System in Practice Providing a Conductive Path:

Structural fire and then this bolt of electricity surging through the structural wiring are damaging and cause downtime. A sharp-pointed lightning arrester network is installed, attracting objects placed on the highest point to tackle this event.

The conventional protection system that gives external protection to any structure consists of future-proofing from Lightning. The technology needs to install a lightning arrester mounted on the top of the highest point of the design to be protected, down conductors that connect the arrester to the ground and earth termination system.

The air terminal will be in charge of constantly monitoring and capturing the discharged energy from above and further safely conducted down to the ground without harming anything in the protected area.

The air terminal at the highest possible point and the earthing system driven under the ground is connected using a conducting network called down conductor manufactured out of copper, aluminium, GI, or any such conductors. It is also designed uniquely to withstand the overvoltage spikes and swift transfer of fault current to ground. The maintenance-free earth termination system is a must for defence from this costly force of nature.

Your building/ structure can be sufficiently protected with proper designing as per IEC 62305 after analysing risk and evaluating the lightning strike density of the form to be protected done with flexible software/ tools. Hence, we intend to build structures with future proof technology to ensure the safety of inhabitants and their property no matter how many times Lightning strikes across a period.


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