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Lester And Lester Realty Advisors, known as Dallas’s best commercial real estate agency, is a sponsor of the Service Professionals Network.

David Lester is a longtime member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization in Fort Worth with Craig Wasilchak.  So building win-win relationships in SPN is a logical next step.

David Lester knows commercial real estate

David Lester has been in the Dallas commercial real estate market for nearly four decades so he knows it well. His father and he began Lester and Lester Realty Advisors back in 1982. Now, nearly forty years later, the company is providing the best commercial real estate services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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They also provide commercial real estate services across the country. If you’re looking to lease commercial real estate in the near future make sure to contact Lester and Lester for a free consultation. David and his team will be glad to help in any way that they can. Nothing beats their experience and passion for helping tenants get a good deal.

Looking for a commercial real estate broker?

There are a few things that you should do before you look to hire a commercial real estate broker. You should think about the type of build and location that will suit your needs. Thinking about what you want to pay in rent is also a great idea. You should know the size and basic needs of your business. If there is an abundance of spaces in your area and your needs are pretty simple, then you may not need a real estate broker.

However, there are also many reasons why most people need or want the help of a commercial real estate broker. If you’re going to hire a commercial real estate broker to help with your leasing needs make sure they are tenant representatives exclusively. David Lester and his team can help you no matter where you’re at in the country due to their experience. They’ll also be glad to tell you right away whether or not you’re going to be a good fit.

With the way commercial real estate broker services work for a leasee it almost always makes sense to have representation. However, not every commercial real estate broker is the same so you have to do some research.

Finding a good commercial real estate broker is a lot like how to find a good lawyer, doctor, or dentist.

A good dose of common sense, personal and professional connections plus a little research will do the trick. David Lester can help with a lot of that so contact him about your needs. His specialty is helping find office and warehouse space for medium to large corporations, but he can always help in some way.

Things to look for in a commercial real estate broker

  • Commercial real estate expertise. Make sure the real estate broker you choose specializes in commercial real estate. Find a broker with experience in helping tenants find an office, retail, and other commercial space. Someone who works primarily with houses, condos, and apartments is not the same. The difference between a residential real estate agent and a commercial agent is significant.
  • Tenant representation specialists. You will most likely get the best services for a broker that only works with commercial real estate tenants. Having someone that is 100% on your side makes a difference in negotiation. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. In some small towns, it’s almost impossible to find a commercial real estate broker that only works with tenants. This is when it makes sense to get a professional tenant rep from out of town. If your business lease is significant and longterm then it makes no sense to go without representation.
  • Successful business. Get a commercial real estate broker that isn’t hungry. Look for a commercial real estate broker that has plenty of business going on. It’s important to have a broker that has been around long enough to know how deals are done. Having a commercial real estate broker that is new to the profession can be costly so make sure the growing pains are over. You also want a broker that isn’t relying on closing your deal to pay their rent. A commercial real estate broker gets paid, by the landlord according to the size of the rent, when the deal is done. A broker that needs to get paid to survive is more likely to rush things or make an error. Get a broker that values their reputation as a successful commercial real estate agent.
Consult with Lester and Lester Realty Advisors

It never hurts to get information or have a free chat with a pro in the know. If you’re looking for an office or warehouse space to lease then contact David Lester should you have any questions or need any help.

David Lester, President
2928 Blue Quail Ln
Bedford, TX  76021
Phone: 972-386-9181
Cell:      817-791-7076
Fax:      817-522-7398


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