John Krasinski Net Worth: How much money does the evergreen star of “The Office” have?

John krasinski net worth

Who doesn’t know “Jim” from The Office American sitcom? From charming looks to sensational lifestyle, he has been the favorite star face of fans who love comedy. But, do you know? For decades, John Krasinski hasn’t just earned fans’ unconditional love, but he has also earned money and a lot of it, as evidenced by John Krasinski Net Worth. But, the question stands, how much is it? You will find out – read ahead!


What is John Krasinki Net Worth? 


To begin with, the year 2021 is about to end. It will be eight years since the sitcom “The Office” said goodbye. In the meantime, John Krasinki Net Worth has increased up to $80 Million. However, many fans out there find it challenging to believe that John Krasinski Net Worth is near to complete $100 million. To the reader’s surprise, many fans also believe that John Krasinski Net Worth has been hiked thanks to his better half, Emily Blunt, who is far more famous and successful. Yet, our research proves that John Krasinski Net Worth is true $80 million, which is his and his alone. How? Let’s find out: 


How much did John Krasinki earn from The Office? 


According to the inside details, John Krasinski Net Worth wasn’t rushing up during “The Office” because, at the time, Steve Carell was the most-paid actor on the set. To the reader’s surprise, John Krasinski’s salary per episode of the office was only 20,000 USD, whereas Steve Carell (Micheal) was paid $175K. However, when the show obtained a lot of attention in public, John Karansinki and co-star Jenna Fisher ended up renewing the contract, which helped them land on a $100K per episode term. 


He sold his YouTube show for bundles of money.


Even though Jim Harpert, a.k.a John Krasinki, never revealed how much money he got by selling his youtube show “some good news” to ViacomCBS. It is very much clear that he got a lot. During Corona Epidemic, the actor kickstarted a youtube channel where he spent hours and hours talking to a live audience. The channel grew pretty fast. However, fans didn’t quite handle the thought that he sold it in a single sigh!


John Krasinki has been called a “phony.” 


Believe it or not, but among 7 billion people on this earth, there’s no way that “a star” is loved by each one of these people. Instead, stars are often exposed to hatred online. Something like this happened to John Krasinski and his better half, Emily Blunt. Amy Schumer, an internet personality, called the couple’s marriage “A PR stunt” in 2010. However, jokes on her because they are still together, happily married, and parents of two beautiful children. 


What is John Krasinki’s wife’s net worth? 


John Krasinki’s Wife has been the face of evergreen movies like Mary Poppins and Quiet Place. As of 2021 end, Emily Blunt’s net worth is akin to her husband John Krasinski Net Worth stands at $80 Million. According to the inside details, Emily Blunt has backed off from Hollywood in order to focus on their children and family. John Krasinki, on the other hand, is working as a voice-actor for DC League Super pets and another part of “A Quiet Place.”


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