Joe The Finance Guy

Joe The Finance Guy

Joseph Stepke is known as Joe The Finance Guy because he shares a lot of great information across social media.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Americans have less than $1000 in the bank?

Learn how Joe The Finance Guy can help you increase retail sales for jewelry, cell phones, tires and other retail items by visiting his site and connecting with Joseph Stepke on LinkedIn.  Joe is always glad to answer questions and help business owners maximize their sales. 

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In Retail?

Joe Can Add Value In The Following Industries:

  • Furniture & Mattress

  • ​Wheels & Tires
  • ​Household Appliances: Even Vacuums
  • ​Computers & Mobile Electronics: Computers, laptops, drones, game consoles, cameras
  • Car Audio: Car stereos, alarms, speakers, tint & accessories
  • ​Eyewear: For use in Optometrist locations
  • ​Household Electronics: TVs, home stereos, electric pianos
  • ​Jewelry: All Jewelry
  • Auto Parts & Repairs
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Goods: Patio furniture, statues, grills, canopies
  • Recreational Goods: Kayaks, tents, bikes
  • Storage Sheds: Storage sheds
  • Musical Instruments: Band and orchestra instruments, pianos
  • Power, Outdoor & Handheld Tools: Drills, saws, push & riding mowers, chainsaws
  • Cell Phones & Handheld Electronics

In Joe the Finance Guy’s own words:

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