Is This In My Best Interest?

Don't be afraid to drown your inner critic.

Here is a “Big O” #LifeTip:

There are people with millions of people some #socialmedia platforms that don’t make any money from their personal brands or extensive marketing efforts.

Don't be afraid to drown your inner critic.
You deserve to live your best life. Make sure your inner critic doesn’t prevent you from doing so.

There are people with just a handful of followers that make outrageous amounts of money due to their calls to action and laser like focus.

There are also people that prefer not to be online no matter the potential. It’s just not for them.

No matter what your goals are online, refuse to pressure yourself over social media. ( was very tempted to say JOIN SPN after the comma there, but the need to make this point won out)

Remember that you only see what people want you to see for the most part. You never know what people’s real life and struggles are like.

I promise you that every human being on this planet is struggling with something. We are all stressing about this thing we call life at different levels and times. However, we are all stressing it to some degree 24-7, no matter what people will tell you.

Your inner voice is important, but it’s more important to know when to tell it to STFU.

Don’t ever allow your inner voice to beat you up. Your inner voice is supposed to raise caution and make you more pragmatic, but you better make sure you limit like you would anyone else that disrespects you.

When you have moments of extreme self-doubt or criticism, ask yourself if you’re acting or thinking in your own best interest. “Is this IMBI?” (In My Best Interest)

That is a question that I ask myself a couple hundred times a day. Ask yourself “Is This IMBI” whenever you need as often as you need to help guide yourself toward living your best life.

We have life to live, make it count.

Now that I gave you something to ponder, here are some positive images & stories to brighten your day back up a bit!

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