Is terraria cross-platform? Can you play between PC and Mobile?


Released in 2011, Terraria is one of the most played open-world action-adventure games of all time. There are times in every gamer’s life when they just want to explore the open world of a game without having to deal with a team. And that satisfaction comes with Terraria. Although, in the past few years, games like GTA have embraced the “cross-platform” feature, which has gotten Terraria lovers to ask, “Is Terraria cross-platform?” In the event that you have similar concerns, you will find all answers in this reading.


Is Terraria cross-platform?


To begin with, do you know? Terraria is one of the primary games that was released on Steam Program for gamers who use PC to play. At that time, Xbox and PlayStations were quite expensive and were not widely used. However, thanks to upgrades in the economy on the lines of digitalization, now millions of gamers on Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo switch, and other gaming devices. And for the same reason, Terraria has also advanced. Thanks to this, you can now play Terraria online on the big screen using Xbox, PlayStation series, PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and so on.


However, the answer to the question “Is Terraria cross-platform?” is no. Terraria does not support cross-platform synchronization so that all online players can play live, irrespective of what device they are using.


Meaning, in the event that you are playing Terraria in multiplayer mode on your PC, then you can play with other live players on PC as well. Similarly, Xbox players can only collaborate with other live Xbox players. The same goes with the Playstation series, Nintendo Switch, and mobile version.


Why is Terraria not cross-platform?


Without a doubt, in 2021, many popular online games have gone cross-platform. For example, when it comes to Fortnite, it allows PlayStation players to collaborate with Xbox players (console to console). Similarly, Mobile users can play with PC users (device to device).


However, Terraria multiplayer online game has not developed in this context because:


  • The Mobile version of Terraria contains fewer features and graphics quality as compared to the PC version and console version. Henceforth, if the game was cross-platform, it would provide an unfair advantage to console and PC players.
  • The game server does not contain networking code support which is challenging to obtain at this point.


Is Terraria cross-generation?


Here’s some good news for readers, after all. For now, Terraria is not cross-platform. However, there’s a good chance that it will be. At the same time, you can also enjoy the fact that Terraria is indeed cross-generation. It means that PlayStation 4 players can send friend invitations to someone who is playing Terraria on PlayStation five. Similarly, Xbox One players can collaborate with Xbox 360. And Windows PC players can play with a wide array of players on different pcs like Chromebook, MacBook, notebook, etc.


Similarly, mobile players can collaborate with those playing the game on iPhone, iPad, or tablet. And last but not least, using the Android emulator, you can create temporary cross-platform support between PC and mobile.


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