Is iOS14 Living Up to the Expectations of Its Users?

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Is iOS14 Living Up to the Expectations of Its Users?

Apple gadgets are globally praised and owned for maintaining its standards and acquiring customized software for phone hardware across models. While Apple is one of the most trusted flagship brands, the release of iOS 14 stirred quite a disappointment among its users.

In the versions of iOS14, the users shared that the standard of new software has been sacrificed in several areas including battery life, several apps functionality, wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, overall interface processing with continuous glitches and crashes.

iPhone 11 series and iPadOS were seriously affected by these shortcomings to an extent that iPhone XR surpassed the operating system in functionality. Apple is letting its users down with even basic features such as notifications now bugged.

The sortcoming of the new operating system wasn’t as impressive as one would think at the launch of newly developed operating systems. Along with annual updates and bug-fix cycles every few months, the iOS and its followed versions were still disruptive for the hardware.

After a year, several bugs remain unresolved for the users.

So, where is Apple lacking in development?

As a flagship brand, a user would certainly expect the standard functioning of the phone and the durability of the set. However, other than the sleek look of the iPhone, the sets haven’t been satisfactory.

There are multiple factors that have affected the standards of Apple operating systems. The first factor is the continuous and aggressive approach to change. Apple has an approach to add new features, update the yearly cycle with additional updates throughout the year. Everything combined and addressed simultaneously isn’t productive for the team of developers.

Apple is pushing its employees to focus on developing new features and OS rather than fixating the focus on bugs. Secondly, the flagship brand also focuses a lot on its ecosystem that supports at least a million active iPhones. The ecosystem is currently supporting iOS as old as sets of 2005 that divides the functionality to support multiple variations.

Is there anything worth using in iOS 14?

While since the release of iOS 14 the operating system has been plagued with bugs, especially the evident battery drain bug, the user base is supportive of the new features offering a drastic change in the interface and user experience. Apple hasn’t completely screwed over its user base.  Some of the key features of iOS are mentioned below.

  • Restricted Access: The newly released versions of iOS 14 and onwards releases include an indicator dot at the top of the screen when an external application uses the camera or the microphone. The green dot indicates the use of the camera and the orange dot indicates the use of the camera. With this feature, a user is more aware of the information shared and can choose to restrict access to it.
  • App Library: An app that automatically organizes your apps in one place. The app icon can be added to the home screen instead of adding multiple app shortcuts. Moreover, the app library also has a feature to sort apps based on frequent usage.
  • Data Breach Alert: iOS 14 and macOS comes with a password monitoring feature that alerts the user if the stored credentials are reported to match the breach data information. Additionally, the feature security recommendations also help you to figure whether your passwords are weak due to security breaches or/ if they are predictable.
  • Precise Location: We trust apps but do they need the precise co-ordinations of our locations? It is always unsettling to know that the majority of the apps track your location. However, Apple is dedicated to supporting privacy. In the newest version of iOS, you can easily decide when a certain app can track your location and whether they can receive the precise coordinates or just the location in general.
  • Easy unlock: The new unlock feature is the most advanced feature a flagship mobile brand has offered. in iOS 14.7 and iOS15 is the feature of unlocking your phone even when you are wearing a mask. The feature works with the Apple Watch effectively. If a person’s face is half covered, but the apple watch is near and connected, it will automatically detect and unlock the phone within seconds.
  • Fitness Plus: Apple’s fitness app is a built-in health app that releases weekly workout videos based on the different fitness levels and tracks your health as well as the workout. The inbuilt app can sync with your gadgets easily.
  • Walk Story Time: One of the most interesting addition is Apple’s walk storytime. The feature allows you to listen to personally recorded inspiring stories of the celebrities on the run with chosen background music. Quarantine may have limited your socialization but the app helps you cope better. Apple’s flexibility about supporting diverse apps also surged the demand for IOS development in Dubai.

Predicting that upcoming releases offer more features rather than bugs, the apple company can retain the loyal customer base. On the other hand, users are conveniently switching to android brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi in the market because of bugs that have remained unfixed since the release of iOS 14 in September 2020.

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