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surge protection devices

The expansion of electronic power and the current situation where the equipment and power systems are exposed to a critical environment of power spikes or surges calls for the need to install devices that can guarantee defence against overvoltage or under-voltage conditions.

The surge protection devices are unique components that can be of two kinds but serves the same purpose:

  •   Surge arresters – which is the basic unit of protection associated with equipment in substations.
  •   Surge protector/ suppressor – integral protection unit for electronic devices can be of low voltage, medium voltage or high voltage devices. 

Know the Facts About Surges and Its Most Recurring Causes:

Any device that runs on electric power is manufactured such that its internal components can manage only a specific amount of electric current through it. When this particular amount of current increases the threshold level, the device can be negatively impacted and damaged at the circuit.

Such subtle voltage fluctuation is called a surge. Because the occurrence of transient overvoltage is frequent and unpredictable, it is a must that the equipment and circuitries are provided with sufficient protection setup.

There are majorly two reasons for these recurring episodes of surges or overvoltage transients either due to the power lines getting hit by lightning effects, the risk of surges getting indoors and rupturing the appliances indoors also increases or can be the normal switching activities of the appliances.

Handle These Subtle Fluctuations – Incorporate Surge Suppression Units:

To protect against overvoltage occurrences, you know devices such as circuit breakers or fuses that shut down your entire facility’s current flow to detect any fault. But, as we all know, surges or transients are so swift and occur for a few microseconds that they become difficult to be seen by such devices, it can only be taken care of by installing an additional compact feature called a surge protection device with the equipment and at the main supply panel.

Mainly classified based on the application’s choice of suitable surge absorber is a prime concern you need to reflect on. Surge Protection Device is designed and manufactured for indoor and outdoor equipment such as Telephone, cameras, solar systems, DDN, Modem, fax, etc.

It is implanted between the device and the main circuit board. Complying to standards such as IEC 61643-11, investing in this product will eventually prove valuable in the future. This technology is available in any voltage/ current rating as per the application or site requirement. This solution can be pluggable or non-pluggable yet is highly cost-effective.

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Frequently Asked Question About Surge & Lightning Protection

Primary and secondary protection modules are the main classification of transient suppression devices made of Metal oxide varistor, Gas discharge tube, silicon avalanche diode, etc. It can also be a combination of any of these technologies.

They are potent additions for the electric network in every sector, such as computer systems and peripherals, communication lines, substations, security and surveillance systems, electrical equipment, the solar industry, etc.

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