Instagram recently adds new tagging options

Instagram recently adds new tagging options to credit creators 2022

Instagram has added additional tagging options to assist credit collaborators by displaying more information about them. Enhanced tags will highlight the contributions of collaborators — such as photographers, artists, authors, and others — who contribute to the material but aren’t necessarily accessible unless the originator of the piece mentions them.

The business appreciated the work of many collaborators in developing the material that customers see on the app while unveiling the expanded tagging options.

Crediting is an entryway to developing a sustainable career as a creator for many Black and marginalized creators, Instagram claims in its statement, while also combatting cultural appropriation and ensuring the world understands who is generating culture.

Instagram suggests the feature will be used to highlight behind-the-scenes creators like makeup artists and songwriters who sometimes go unrecognized or unappreciated.

The improved tags are a more official approach to show what some creators already do. Instagram users have devised a number of do-it-yourself solutions for recognizing those who contributed to the development of content. Some users tag collaborators in the captions of their posts, while others have marked a slew of handles straight on the photo or video.

When contributing content, users can tag contributors by tagging accounts and then pressing “see profile category” to see their involvement.

How to Use New/Updated Tags

– Open Instagram and tap (+) in the top right corner. – Create a new Post and tap next.

– Make any necessary creative changes before moving on to the next step.

– After you’ve finished writing your caption, tap Tag People

– After you’ve finished writing your caption, tap Tag People

– Select Add Tag and search for and select your contributors

– Press Show Profile Category to see the creator category

– Tap Done

– After you’ve added any more tags and descriptions, tap Share.

Final Thoughts

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