Indoor plants that promote wealth and happiness according to Vaastu

Vaastu, also known as Vaastu shastra, is essentially a system of placement that enables one to take full advantage of all the panchabhutas, or five elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth), as well as the magnetic fields that encircle the planet. The scientific application of the elements can provide an environment that is perfectly balanced, ensuring good health, wealth, and prosperity.

These days, more people are aware of and keen on the Vaastu Shastra idea. The tradition’s advantages of prosperity and happiness make it more appealing. Vaastu focuses on attracting beneficial cosmic energy into the home and maximising success in life.

The place that you are living in or the one that you are planning to live in can harness the benefits of solar energy, lunar energy, and cosmic forces through Vaastu Shastra. While it is not possible to implement all the rules of Vaastu Shastra, it is beneficial to maintain them as much as possible.

Vaastu principles are mainly applicable to individual residential houses, industries, educational institutions, commercial complexes, theatres, hospitals, churches, etc.


Indoor plants that bring prosperity and positivity


Vaastu makes recommendations on where to place these plants in your house or workplace to create better energy.

A popular option to add greenery and maintain a cheerful atmosphere in the home or office is to install plants. Many decorators swear by this method.

The easiest way to fight depression, feelings of loneliness, or just another low day is to have a minimum of 3 plants in the space you live or work in. Researchers and psychologists agree that plants have a similar effect on happiness hormones as pets do for some. Now, not everyone is a pet person, isn’t it?

So, choose these indoor plants, which not only bring greenery and life but also draw success, abundance, and positivity while promoting good health.

  • The two-layer bamboo plant for Vaastu

The place is at your work desk for removing stress and better concentration. A two-layer plant mud pot can be well placed in the East or South-East to have better social connections and attract positive collaborations for work and business alike.

Avoid keeping it in the bathroom. If you still have to, then use a single-layer water jar, which is good for removing toxicity.

  • The jade plant is a wealth and luck multiplier.

At the front door, draw Lakshmi and keep a positive outlook each time you enter or leave the house. For the sake of the plant’s health, make sure to keep it away from any appliances like inverters, TVs, the tops of refrigerators, etc.

Do not keep it in the bathroom. The South, West, and North-West are good directions for gains, results, and luck enhancement.

  • Grow your resources with the money plant.

The best way to handle it is to cut it off from someone else’s plant and put it in a glass jar with water. That is equivalent to theft! The best strategy is to purchase a money plant in a mudded pot from a nursery and place it in the west or WNW for success and gains in money.

The more it grows, the larger your savings will become. Cut the long stems and place them in multiple glass jars in different locations, such as the work or study desk, the bathroom window, near the AC window, or the kitchen.

When you want to keep it in the north at precisely zero degrees, use a blue-coloured jar.

open up opportunities for growth Next time you splurge on something unwanted, notice how your money plant turns pale!

  • Take away negative energies with this rubber plant.

Keep it at the entrance of your house or office to keep the negativity of people away. It also restricts evil eye effects and negative radiation from electronics when placed indoors near gadgets or TV units.

  • Peace Lily

The representation of harmony, love, and peace, Lily gives off a quiet, peaceful aura that permeates its surroundings.

While it is advised to keep a lily plant near a window for its benefits, it is not recommended to keep it in the bedroom for couples. This soothing plant, which is also a great air purifier, is best placed in the living room or study room.

  • Rosemary plant

The best plant to have anywhere in your house or place of business to promote improved mental and physical health is a plant that encourages more vigour and better sleep-in daily life.

Rosemary leaves work well for manifestations, protecting against the evil eye (buri nazar), and purifying the house.

  • Tulsi,

Tulsi is an auspicious plant for growth and abundance. Traditionally, Tulsi was the first thing one would place in the house during pujan and everything else was set up post that.

The only direction favourable and auspicious for this holy plant is the North-East. Many people face a common issue with Tulsi: leaves drying out and the plant not prospering.

Be careful to attend to it daily in the morning and evening and not grow it like a bush in your home garden. Make sure there is enough sunlight and keep it away from the kitchen area or laundry area.

I hope these tips and information will help you with setting up your indoor greenery and draw out great benefits.

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