In Saudi Arabia, There Are Many Places to Visit During Hajj

Here is a post about the many places to visit during Hajj in Saudi Arabia. It was written by our travel agency, which offers the cheapest and best Hajj Packages from the UK. Hajj is one of the five most important parts of Islam, and every Muslim must do it. Every Muslim who is able to must do Hajj at least once in their life. Since there is no set age for Hajj, you can do it whenever you are both physically and mentally able to.

Hajj is a religious and spiritual pilgrimage that is very important to Muslims all over the world. Every year, thousands of Muslim pilgrims go on Hajj, bringing their faith and religion with them. If you can find time during Hajj in Makkah to visit some of the holy and revered places, the spiritual experience will be much better. When you do Hajj, you have to go to the following places, which are listed below:

• Jabal e Hira

In Makkah’s Hira cave, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) got his first message from the Apostle Jibrail. Even before he had his first insight, he would spend a lot of time in the cave thinking and reflecting on himself. It is called the “Mountain of Light,” and it is a very important religious site for Muslims. On average, it takes 2 hours and a lot of muscle to climb the mountain. The Kaaba can be seen from the top of the mountain.

• Makkah Jamaraat

People say that going on a pilgrimage to the three marble columns is a necessary part of the Hajj. Since the time of Prophet Ibrahim AS, these three columns have been important (PBUH). The three columns show the three places where Prophet Ibrahim threw rocks at the Shetan because the Shetan was trying to stop Ibrahim from obeying Allah’s command to sacrifice his son. When Shetan couldn’t convince Ismail’s mother, Hajra, he went to Ismail’s father, Ibrahim, to try to convince him. But every time he tried, Ibrahim attacked him with stones, and Shaan left.

These three things are called:

1. Jamaraat-al-Ula

2. Jamaraat-al-Wusta

3. Jamaraat-al-Aqaba

• Hajra e Aswad

The Tawaf starts and ends at the black stone called Hajra e Aswad, which is at the eastern end of the Kaaba. Over the centuries and thousands of years, many religious people, Prophets, and people from all over the world have been lucky enough to put their lips on the stone. When it was brought to earth, the stone was as white as milk and had come from heaven. Over time, as people kissed it, their sins were sucked into the stone, making it darker and darker each time.

Duas are known to be answered when the Hajra e Aswad is in sight, and on the Day of Judgment, the stone will testify for everyone who had the chance to kiss it.

This is where the Battle of Badr took place.

In the first battle of Islam, the Fight of Badr, a group of 313 Muslims beat a group of 1,000 Quraish soldiers. During the Hajj pilgrimage, it is one of the places that must be seen. Muslims were told that they should keep their faith even when things get hard because Allah is always with those who trust in Him. Those who put their trust in Allah will have peace of mind.

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